ChooseZ Medical Devices

ChooseZ Provides High-precision & Quality Products For The Medical Industry
MOQ only 1pcs
As soon as 2 days
Tight tolerances & 2D drawings accepted
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ChooseZ Medical Devices
Manufacturing Capabilities 

CNC Milling
3,4,5 Axis milling
1)Dimension can be 1000mm, precision up to ±0.01mm
2) Big brand machines,ensure stable quality
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CNC Turning
Lathes and live tooling ideal for cylindrical parts
1)Tolerances down to+-0.0008in(0.2mm)
2)As soon as 2 days
3)Milling,turning with low MOQ
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
1)Tolerances down to+-0.0008in(0.2mm)
2)As soon as 2 days
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ChooseZ Supplies Following Parts
For Medical Devices

MRI machine components
Diagnostic equipment
Research equipment
Orthotic devices
Surgical instruments
Dental instruments
Bone screws
Spinal implants

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