3/4/5 Axis CNC machining

Precision: 0.01mm
Endless Possibilities:For Various Industries
Quality Priority: 99.9% QC Pass Rate
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CNC Milling

Leading Brands: FANUC, HAAS, BROTHER, And More
Precision: Up to ±0.01mm
Tailored Solutions:Craftsmanship And Cost Up To Your Need
Quality Certified: TESA/Zeiss CMM Devices
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CNC Turning

Turning Precision: ±0.01mm
3-Day Turnaround,MOQ: 1 Piece
Handling Complexity: Expertise
Quality Standard: 99.8% QC Pass Rate Ensures Excellence.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Material Diversity: Versatile Support
Crafting with Metal: ±0.03mm Precision
Quality Every Detail: 99.8% Pass Rate
Rapid Turnaround: As Fast as 3 Days
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Case Studies

How to assure the precise dimensions of big-sized parts?
This is a AL 6061-T6511 part,size is very big, 338mm(L) x167m(W) x 146mm(H)
High precision requirements, multiple size requirements are ±0.01-0.012mm
A large black and complex frame structure part

Why ChooseZ

Big Brand Machines
High Quality Guarantee
Welcome Small Orders

20+ Big Brand Machines

ChooseZ own including trusted brands like FANUC, HAAS, BROTHER, ensuring stable production and guaranteed quality.
The largest dimension can be 1000mm
The highest precision,up to ±0.01mm(0.0003inch)
10 engineers, Short lead time,as long as 3 days
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99.8% Pass Rate: 
Guaranteed Quality

TESA/Zeiss CMM Devices for High-Precision Production and Inspection
99.8% Ultra-high quality pass rate
Inpect all quantity all dimensions for FA order
Inclusive Reports: Material, Dimension, Surface Treatment
Certifications: ISO9001
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Welcome Small Orders

ChooseZ accept MOQ 1 Piece orders with swift response and competitive pricing.
On time delivery rate 98.5%
100% Customer Satisfaction Rate
One-Stop Service: CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, Aluminum Extrusion
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Customer Testimonials

We've had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals and garnering positive feedback.
Sarah Thompson/Production Manager
ChooseZ's precision machining services have revolutionized our production line. The attention to detail and quality is unmatched. 
Alex Chen/Engineering Director
Working with ChooseZ has been a game-changer for us. Their CNC solutions are top-notch, ensuring our tech components meet the highest standards. 
Dr. Emily Rodriguez/Biomedical Scientist
ChooseZ 's precision in machining critical medical parts is exceptional. We rely on their expertise for our groundbreaking research.
Marcus Turner/Quality Assurance Specialist
ChooseZ 's commitment to quality is evident in every precision-machined part they deliver. As a QA specialist, I appreciate their attention to detail. 
Jessica Liu/Project Manager
ChooseZ's sheet metal fabrication has been instrumental in bringing our architectural visions to life. Their expertise and reliability make them a valuable partner. 
John Davis/Engineering Director
In our pursuit of precision engineering solutions, ChooseZ has been an indispensable partner. Their meticulous approach to CNC machining consistently exceeds our expectations, ensuring top-notch quality in every component. 

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